Sour Tsunami #3. Strain of the Month. April 2013

By Mike Condon | Photo by Allie Beckett


This month’s strain comes from a Double Diesel (NYC Diesel x Sour Diesel) crossed four times to the Sour Diesel then crossed with a strain called Ferrari, and then crossed back to the Sour Diesel. The result is this rare, triumphant strain.

-Medical Benefits-

This sativa-dominant, high-CBD strain will be of valuable daytime relief for patients suffering from chronic pain, nausea, convulsions, epilepsy and more. The lower THC will give patients the relief without having to worry about being too high.


Sour Tsunami #3 is quite the specimen to marvel over when it’s still potted, just before harvest. Dense evergreen buds adorned with deep purple and green fan leaves. Proof that if there is a God, he’s an artist and an aesthete.


A crisp and earthy flavor is noted upon the first mouth­ful of smoke. The exhale brings forth a gust of pine.


A surprisingly upbeat feeling of relief in a world so against contention. Not much of a “high” feeling thanks to the astonishingly low THC content, but the pain is gone and a life can begin. Outlook-enhancing along with serious migraine and joint relief.


It’s easy to detect the smell of a Diesel strain; Sour Tsunami #3 has the additional scent of sweet, almost medicinal, syrup mixed with a little droplet of pine terpenes.

DOPE would like to thank Solstice for their donation for this testing.


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