What Types of Cannabis Businesses are for Sale

What Types of Cannabis Businesses are for Sale

What kind of cannabis businesses can people buy? Actually, there are tons of options out there. From grow operations and full operational farms to dispensaries and other recreational use locations, these are only the most obvious options. There are also licenses, real estate, consultants, and lots of other cannabis businesses out there.

So here are some of the hottest cannabis businesses for sale today. We’ve attempted to break them out by category, but it’s not easy—it’s a booming industry!

Plant-touching (growing, cultivation)

If you’re really into the growing side of things and the actual cannabis plant, the industry is full of opportunities. Here are some of the cannabis businesses for sale that are plant-touching:

Grow operations, indoor. Just like it sounds, there are many turn-key indoor grow operations for sale in medical marijuana and recreational cannabis states.

Farms. Outdoor cannabis farms are also feasible in some locations, and in some cases outdoor farming concerns with greenhouses dedicated for cannabis growing are ideal.

Cannabis breeder. Developing new cannabis strains and cultivars is what these people do, and this is a fascinating cannabis business.

Cannabis seed vendors. Many breeders and seed vendors overlap, but these are important plant-touching cannabis businesses that drive consumer demand and market outlook.

Cannabis processing services. Growers can’t do it alone. Leading up to harvest, it takes a vigilant team of eyes to watch cannabis plants and keep them healthy and well-trimmed. At harvest time, a well-trained team will process the plants.

Ancillary (not directly connected to living plants or growing them)

The vast majority of people in the cannabis industry don’t deal much with living plants! These people are in ancillary roles, either producing or providing cannabis goods, products, or services.

Goods and Products

Growing supply vendors. Still somewhat adjacent to the growers and farmers, growing supply vendors keep us all in green.

Research and development. From the medical researchers who learn more about what cannabinoids do in the body to the engineers who develop new products and test them carefully over time, research and development is fueling the development of innovative cannabis products and keeping more consumers happy.

Extraction/processing. After harvest, technically demanding extraction and processing procedures get the most from the best cannabis plants.

Cannabis product retailing. Even if you are not able or willing to sell cannabis itself, you can stay in the industry by retailing accessories, products, and equipment that cannabis consumers want and need.

Cannabis tourism. This is a seriously hot new trend, for good reason. Especially if you’re in a recreational state and you have the capacity, consider your own cannabis version of an B and B or tour if that fits your vibe (and if you can cook and host well enough to pull it off)!

Cannabis edible manufacturing/baking/cooking. If you’re that person who makes unbelievable food anyway, why not turn your passion for cooking and cannabis into a business? More and more people are doing just that, creating and selling edibles of all kinds.

Cannabis cosmetics. There are benefits to the skin from cannabinoids, so blending medical grade cannabis into cosmetics is an exciting prospect.

Cannabis “stash” holders and storage. Since cannabis remains illegal federally, most parents are still hiding it. Designing stashes and tough to open packaging is a challenge and another cannabis-related business that is taking off.


Cannabis legal services. If you’re a lawyer and you care about cannabis, consider specializing!

Cannabis real estate. Similarly, finding real estate for cannabis businesses is no easy feat—except for real estate agents who specialize in the industry and know exactly what people are looking for.

Licenses. Anyone looking to run a dispensary is going to need a license, and people in medical marijuana states also often need certification help, so assisting people with licenses is another cannabis business.

Cannabis PR firms, social media marketing. Even when cannabis is legal, the people who love and need it fight misconceptions and stigma.This points to the need for great public relations firms that specialize in the industry.

Cannabis cooking courses. If you already know how to cook with cannabis, teach others!

Cannabis gardening classes and services. Show other people how to grow healthy cannabis plants—or help them maintain their own home crops.

Cannabis sommelier. If you really have a nose for fine cannabis, offer your services to those who can afford them.

Cannabis yoga classes/fitness. Yoga and cannabis both elevate the mood and relax the mind—so these classes are a natural blend and in high demand.

Cannabis painting classes/pottery classes. You can’t supply the cannabis, but you can supply everything else. Just like the painting with wine courses, these are a smash and an excellent cannabis business.

Website, app development for dispensaries, growers, retailers in cannabis. All businesses need some level of help with app, website, and platform development, and cannabis businesses need developers who understand their industry and customers.

Cannabis delivery. Now more than ever, people want cannabis delivery at home. In many states it’s legal, and a low cost of entry business.

Cannaflorist. Classic florists arrange flowers and get them delivered; cannaflorists add something special to the mix. Especially for celebrations, this is an amazing new cannabis business.

Cannabis party planning. Cannabis parties and even cannabis weddings are a huge trend throughout the United States. You can either sell your expertise as an event coordinator or party planner, or just start planning your own epic cannabis bashes.

Cannabis consultant. If you have specific cannabis expertise, advise other small business owners who hope to enter the cannabis industry.

Final Thoughts

The cannabis industry really is blowing up, so now is the ideal moment to search out cannabis businesses for sale. Research your state’s licensing requirements, do some soul searching about your interests, and you may find a truly amazing match.

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